Camping groundWhen people learn that I have a blog I run that is strictly about camping there are so many things people say but the 2 top things I hear are below.

One is actually a very positive gesture but the second usually is negative and from those who think camping is just nothing but sweating and bugs annoying you the whole time and having to use the bathroom in a wooded area.

Usually, this is actually very true and most people who assume that are one hundred percent correct. You will run into many bugs and sweat your bottom off and yes most of the time you do have to use the restroom in the deep woods. I can’t deny that this is what you have to endure while you are camping.

When you go camping it can end up being nasty, and you need to know how to keep your trash picked up and not all over the place along with your waste.Not just for you but the animals and others who may camp here.

Food waste trashFood Trash
Whenever and whatever you pack for when you go camping make sure you throw out any trash ahead of time that is packaged on certain foods. For example, if you buy those noodle cups that have cardboard around them to ensure extra packaging toss that in your trash before you set out for your campsite. You can also place this stuff inside of a reusable bowl of some sort that you can reuse when making your coffee.

When you go camping take a few trash bags cause you no doubt will have trash or you could take a few grocery bags so long as you have something to toss items in when your done with them. You do not want to attract animals so throw your food items away and tie it up well and place it up somewhere.

If you do not hang your food in a tree or somewhere at night when you go to sleep an animal may just surprise you and eat all of your food while you are asleep.

If you have to wash your dishes, empty all leftover food into a trash bag or whatever bag you brought with you for that purpose and wash your dishes somewhere further off and isolated from your specific campsite. If you actually have a sink that is portable you brought with you, you should probably use soap that won’t harm the surroundings you could encounter. You should invest in towels that are quick drying for camping so you can prepare your dishes for the next time you are going to eat.


BatteriesPlain old trash

If you bring batteries or another object similar that have packages throw those out when you are home. If for some reason you do bring that junk make sure you place it where the trash cans happen to be placed throughout the site.


Girl brushing her teethToothpaste
Do not spit your toothpaste wherever you please at your campsite because it can attract animals instead spit it into the bag you use to dump scraps from leftover food items.


Man diggingHuman waste
If you actually camp in an RV you usually will have a bathroom in the RV and do not have to worry about this but if you do not camp with an RV this is the nasty situations.

You can easily pee and have no issue if you are a guy. If you are a lady they have funnels for women to use now and pee. You want to make sure if you are female when you squat to use the bathroom there is no poison oak or anything around or underneath you.

You usually bring toilet paper which is what you would normally wipe with or you may even decide on baby wipes because they can clean better but just remember to take your roll from inside the toilet paper at home to have less trash. Bring baggies to put your waste products in, instead of leaving it in the woods.

Reaching for tissueWhen you use the bathroom at your campsite go off far away from your campsite and away from bodies of water so you have more privacy and do not contaminate anything.

Going number two is a trick for everyone in camping. If you are light with toilet paper you need to start finding things to clean yourself after.

Where are two things you can do either pack poop at the campsite with you and your belongings or bury it as a dog would. If you do indeed bury it you need to go off somewhere that is not on a path and dig a hole at least 6 inches deep and bury it.

Or to make it easier dig a hole ahead of time and squat over the hole then you can easily cover it up and a lot faster.

Bathroom tissueIf a woman is on her period she has a lot more to deal with since she has to use feminine hygiene products. You do not want to bury any of these items nor burn them on a fire keep them in a trash bag tied and sealed tightly.

Wash your hands extremely well after you have used the bathroom and done all of this and if you have hand sanitizer it won’t hurt to use it either.

How to Correctly Dispose of Waste When Camping