A hunter is only as good as his equipment. Skill is essential, but if nothing happens when you pull the trigger then your target will escape. There are ways to work around deficient equipment, but the best strategy is to show up for the hunt prepared. If you have the right gun and the right scope, then your hunt is much more likely to be a success.


Even the best hunters can’t shoot what they can’t see. A scope is a tool that allows the hunter to get a better look at their target. The scope does this by magnifying the image of the scene in front of the hunter. They shouldn’t be mixed up with sights, which help focus the eye but don’t offer anything else. There are a variety of different scopes available, and each serves a different purpose. Let’s look at how you can find the best scope. With the right tool you can end your hunt with a freezer full of meat and a chest full of pride.


Magnification Strength


The first thing to decide on when scope shopping is the  sort of magnification you need. The more powerful a scope is, the closer your target will appear. The level of magnification is usually in the name of the scope. If you see 3x in a scope’s name, then that means it will magnify images to a size three times larger than it would appear to you without the scope.


While some scopes are always set at one level of magnification, modern scopes allow for fine tuning. If you see a 3-9x in the scope’s name, it means that it can go between three and nine times larger than the naked eye. A scope with a wide range of magnification is a good investment. A wider range allows you to properly frame targets that are far away and closer up without having to move.


Finding the right scope is a balancing act. You might want the most powerful scope possible, but that scope is also likely to be one of the most expensive you’ll find. Power has a price, so ask yourself what you realistically need. 9x is more than powerful  to hunt from 120 meters away. Most hunters aren’t likely to get their money’s worth out of a military grade scope that lets them see targets off miles in the distance.


Lens Coating

Monocular Telescope

No one likes to shoot with the sun in their eyes. Lens glare can make a shot impossible. This can make scopes counter-intuitive in bright and open areas. Fortunately, hunters have a way of dealing with glare. Most scopes come with  minimum coating. However, if you want the best you need to be willing to pay for extra quality and coverage.


Even cheap scopes have one lens coated with an inexpensive material. For complete protection you should look for full, multi-coated scopes. This means that all lenses are completely coated for ultimate protection. You can also get water resistant coating for extra protection.


Night Vision Scopes

Military Surplus Night Vision Scope

Not every game animal comes out during the bright hours of the day. Some of the most desirable targets only come out at night. These animals usually come equipped with eyes that are evolved to let them see in the dark. Humans don’t have that luxury. That’s why night vision scopes were invented. Infrared technology scopes allow hunters to spy on their prey in pitch black.


Night vision scopes aren’t for everyone. They are more expensive than their daytime counterparts. Extra features cost more money. Night vision scopes make the most sense for hunters that stalk nocturnal animals.


Why You Need The Best Scope


As a hunter you know that every little bit counts. A slight breeze. A second of delay. Just plain dumb luck. All these can  make the difference between a successful kill and a spooked animal. The most painful part of any hunting trip is the time spent trudging along in silence after a missed opportunity. It can take hours or even days to line up the perfect shot, so why leave anything to chance? The right scope can save you time and agony.


Don’t let your prize get away. The proper scope will ensure that your table will be weighed down with fresh meat after your next trip. When you find a scope that offers the right features at an affordable price, then you need to grab it up and put it to use. Aside from successful hunting secrets, we’d also like to recommend this website where you can learn more about the best sniper scope brands and models. Check it out!

Best Gun Scopes to Help You Shoot Correctly (and Get the Best Meat!)