Many new parents look to formula as a way to supplement a baby’s dietary needs, or as a complete way to nourish a child during the early years of life. These formula milk for babies has come a long way, with many being close to having properties found in breastmilk. Several formulas are now offering DHA in their blends, which is essential for brain growth and development in the child. Along with offering additional vitamins and minerals, a parent has a wide array of choices within the formula line.
Formula can be purchased with your child’s specifics in mind as well. Some formulas are dairy-based, while others are soy-based. Talking to your doctor to see which variety is best for your growing child is always an excellent consideration. As some children have allergies to dairy, the soy formulas provide an excellent alternative and is a viable way for a child to get the benefits of the formula, all while having the formula be gentle to his or her digestive tract.
Some companies which are forerunners in the formula field are Enfamil, Gerber and Similac. All of these companies offer wonderful and nutritious formula blends. These companies also offer formulas which grow with your child’s needs and development. These can range from newborn to toddler proprietary blends, ensuring that your child gets adequate nutrition every step of the way.

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